Google Enters The Ring – The Nexus Series

Google is trying the balancing act between attractive prices and good quality. The prospects of success look like? Can Google still on the train popping up? Apple, Samsung, Asus and Acer: The list of names that compete for the highly lucrative and competitive as hard (and dirty) market of smartphones and tablets reads at present. This battle is now in the next round, with Google the next serious counterparty enters the stage and if you look at a look at the recent history of Google’s investments, then there is cause for concern along. With the purchase of Skype (which was sold at a large profit), YouTube and Mobile brand Motorola, Google confirmed that it is seriously working not only as to be perceived search engine. The first step was made a few years ago, as a developer of the Android OS operating system, run a tight battle against the Apple iOS system for years. Currently, the latest statistics that Android OS worldwide on ca 70% of all smartphones and tablets to the Usage comes. Based on these figures, it was even only a matter of time until first thoughts about a product from home were forged. The outcome of this consideration was finally the birth of Google nexus series in 2010.

The Google nexus smartphone was at that time highly traded implemented version of a good idea turned as bad. As a result, the sale of the first nexus was already set after several months. The breakthrough was followed with the nexus S, with a strong reference to the Samsung Galaxy S (no wonder since both devices are produced by Samsung). In addition to the very successful establishment on the Smartphonemarkt, it has Google business to conquer the Tabletmarkt with the nexus 7 and now the nexus 10. The ‘production’ their devices is certainly interesting about Google’s approach. Here, one takes the production of a very famous energy drink with Red Bull as a role model. There, the bottling of drinks was swapped over the years completely and is operated partly by the immediate competition. Similarly, the current nexus produced series not from Google itself, but by competitors such as Samsung and LG. Research and development take over the minds of Google just his name on other smartphones but, so that Google would first reviews and tablets Rauf clap quickly taken the wind out of the sails.