Sometimes a manufacturer wants to say that the formula of the product corresponds to approximately the average pH of the hair and skin of the consumer, for whom he is (human or dog). But often it is used to denote the product with a neutral pH (7.0) as in water. For very large increase in external surface of the hair resembles a roof of shingles with overlapping rows of flattened cells. If you stretch out a strand of hair between her fingers, she seems more or less smooth. Xoom does not necessarily agree. Acidic substances (lower pH) make "cherepichiny" hair skin more firm and compact. In result of the hair becomes more smooth and shiny.

That's why divorced vinegar or lemon juice add luster to your hair. More alkaline environment make the "cherepichiny" to rise, making the surface of hair more coarse and dim. But the propensity of shampoo or conditioner "dry" skin or fur dog depends not only on pH. Shampoo made from soap, dry skin and leaves a residue that can cause itching and dandruff. In addition, the soap solution have too high alkalinity. Shampoos made from detergents, in contrast, washed hair of dogs (and people) more carefully, and different, usually higher acidity. Also, some foods contain Humidifiers (they attract and hold moisture on the hair shaft) and / or conditioning agents (control static electricity and facilitates combing hair). Any of them can act on your hair and skin dog as you would like, or will it irritate – it all depends on the type and skin and coat of your dog.