The original three-wheeled truck series Twisco transported in a trailer light truck of the "Gazelle". Miniature models of the 415 SLT, SLT 415B, SLT 420 B payload 1.4, 1.5 and 2 tons, respectively, with a lifting height of 3.88 – 4 meters feature two-piece boom and glazed, spacious cabin, but no door. They have full hydrostatic drive, rear wheel driven. Quick-change mechanism allows you to work with a loop attachment skid steer loaders. On request the machine be equipped to connect Hydroficated sample.

Series MVT is used to handle heavy loads at relatively low altitude ascent to open warehouses and industrial plants with the combined road conditions. Model MVT MVT 665 T and 675 T capacity of 6.5 and a mass of 11 400 and 12 100 kg fitted with a two-section boom, large-scale wheels, a full hydrostatic drive, tri-mode steering, turbo engine power 78 kW Perkins. Passability also provides short for "telescopes" wheelbase – 2500 mm, high ground clearance (490 mm under the bottom, 400 mm below the bridge) and departure angle 28 . MVT 628 Turbo loader almost twice as light – its weight 5600 kg, faster – the speed of 33 km / h to 25 km / h in heavy-duty models, has the g / n 2.8 tonnes and a lifting height of 6,3 m. For very heavy work in ports, quarries, for example, to remove / put a wheel dump truck, backhoe hydraulic cylinder, is a series of MST (Maniscopic Heavy-Duty Telescopic) – Model MST 860 MNT 10 120 L Turbo g / n 6, 12, 14 and 16 tons and a lifting height of 7 … 10 m, and also presented at the 2008 CONEXPO giant MNT 10 210 L Turbo g / n and 21 tons with a lifting height of 10 m. A Text . Malyutin, a columnist for the magazine "Property." Article presented in the journal "Material and Technique."