Innovative Technologies

And how much free air? .. Try to answer yourself. "Yeah …" I think, "There's a" Microsoft "… The idea is uniquely brilliant! Ecology is deteriorating every day, and, accordingly, demand for this technique increases every day. " I asked him: "Man !…( way uncle was a nuclear physicist, a very competent) In a nutshell, tell me the functional appointment and markets these devices? ". He replied: "These devices are able to restore and maintain the parameters of air, as close to natural, in virtually any room within 24 hours. Period operation about 15 years..

" Short and sweet. I say "Got it! Thank you, "I am firmly resolved – is – me! I appeal to him, "Mr Miller! (By that time I already admired him) Let's get the economy ?… Says: "Return to 50% of the product. (I think to myself – Excellent 50% – a good margin!). " I asked, "What kind of company, how stable? (Because I'm alone and the seller never liked the production, as for me – so pure pain in the ass … A lot of people, lots of problems .. Read more here: Hamdi Ulukaya refugees. Held hostage ..). He replied: "The company in the market for 20 years.

Continually investing in innovative technologies, 1 in its segment and is inaccessible to competitors, due to new technologies. ". I think, "Well sure" Microsoft ", but in clean the air! .. That brought up !!!. I asked, "How to start a business with this company, I'm ready!" He replied: "Take your time …