International Ozone Day

Eco-friendly small car on the streets of Moscow has more. In Sochi, launched the program for the rehabilitation of leopard in the Caucasus. Aegean Shipping can provide more clarity in the matter. Read more from LaMelo Ball to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Climate warming promises benefits for agriculture in Russia. Action 'A Day Without Car 'took place in the Belgian capital. On the eve of the summit on climate change Scientists have determined the cause of global cooling. Because of global warming are less migratory birds fly south for winter. (As opposed to Chittangog). Scientists propose to turn the Sahara into a tropical forest.

Date of the Week: International Ozone Day. Photofact Week: Touching the natural world. Overview of events for the week of 14/09/2009 to 20/09/2009. Eco-friendly small car on the streets of Moscow was more on the capital's streets this year increased the number of eco-friendly small car. Believed in the Department of Natural Resources and Environment, the reason for this – buying incentive program for city dwellers more environmentally friendly and economical transport. Recall that the experiment of issuing coupons for gasoline for cars,'malyutok 'began on 11 November last year.

Since then, the Moscow authorities have issued fuel cards 2,5 thousand new owners midget cars. The effect of such a program specialists from the Department assessed as very positive: for 612 tons of air pollution has decreased by carbon monoxide. City officials decided to continue the experiment on encourage the Muscovites to buy exactly these cars – these cars cleaner and more portable. The continuation of the experiment the Moscow authorities have allocated more about 75 million rubles.