Internet Auctions

Today almost every user with the experience of surfing the Internet more than a week already aware of the existence of online auctions. Brands such as and not remain in the shadow of obscurity, and attract hundreds of thousands of visitors the opportunity to save on purchases, and earn on sales. But if the first auction – more familiar with it Russian-speaking audience, the latter has long been won worldwide recognition as the largest auction Internet. Conceptual ideas that were used specifically for creating and promoting eBay auction later formed the basis for the development of the Internet auction business worldwide. That auction laid the first brick in the foundation for a multi-billion auction industry. But what determined its success and continuing growth of its popularity? What is the basis constant growth stock auction eBay? Let's try to find the answer in the dungeons of history an eBay auction was Founded in September 1995, American Pierre Omidyar.

At that time it was the first such site of its kind in the world. Code to it when Pierre Omidyar wrote for one weekend, but now over the maintenance of the site runs the army programmers. The first thing sold on has become a broken laser pointer for $ 14, which belonged to the founder of the auction. As can be seen, a great success began with small acts. Literally in a few weeks, the site became to gain popularity, it began to flock to visitors from different countries.