Iphones Miscalculate

The manufacturer of Apple computers said their cell phones iPhones to exaggerate the strength of the network signal and promised to fix the bug in the next few weeks. Recognition occurs after complaints from customers about the design of the aerial of the mobile phone. Apple apologized on Friday July 02, 2010 with customers in an open letter and said he was astonished to find that the formula used to calculate the strength of the signal was totally wrong and that the error has occurred since the first iPhone. Apple, which is selling the iPhone since 2007 said that it will update its software in the coming weeks, using a formula recommended by AT & T Inc, the exclusive provider of the iPhone in the United States. The firm said that when users perceive a lowered drastically the number of power lines of signal phone sample is probably due to a weak network in zone coverage. Users who observe a drop of several lines when they grab a certain iPhone way are likely in an area with very weak signal, but they don’t know it because this erroneously shows four or five lines, according to the letter. Continue reading By Leonel Morales.