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Google always is changing and improving the way in which sites are indexed, in order to provide more accurate results to user queries. Thus, for some time, Google searches respond to contextual mode. Because of abuses recorded in the use of the keywords, the search engine decided to dispense with the reading of this tag (snippet from the site). Instead, referred to the text of the page in its entirety (and already I am preparing for the discussion that will bring this claim) for this reason, we insist on the use of text on the site, not only through quality content, but with the replacement of plug ins of Flash or Java by simple textual content. I.e., instead of including a keypad from Java, should put text links, simpliciter.

We will not go to the extremes to say find it convenient to dispense with images on a site. Whereas it is necessary to include all tags of these objects, so we have a better indexed by this search engine only. But, the advancement relevant regarding the indexing of the site policy is what has been termed call search in real time. This new service consists, inter alia, the registration of all public content on the two most important social networks: Twitter and Facebook. I.e. all the material that users upload to these websites, either through twiteos or writes to the Facebook Wall, will be automatically indexed by Google and Yahoo.

To view it, simply unfold the sidebar display options by clicking on the blue symbol of more, and select recent results. If you test with one of the hot topics of the moment of Twitter, you can see how tweets are added a one as the screen refreshes. In the case of Twitter, has revealed that by allowing their content to be indexed, you will pocket during the 2010 twenty-five million dollars. PageRank depends on many factors, two of the most important being the textual content and the incoming links. If assume that from this now all the links twitteados or uploaded to Facebook will be indexed, we already have a clear notion of where our activity must aim to achieve improvements in these aspects. Participate in social networking leaves its fruits. And a part of them is measurable in terms of PageRank. For this reason, this new way of indexing only comes to confirm the growing importance that the social networks have in practically all spheres of life online. If you liked this post and want to place it on your site, you can do so smoothly, provided you cite as a source to original author and source of the article.