Living In Paris

Paris – French capital Paris for more than 2 thousand years. The city is situated on the River Seney, near the confluence of its tributaries, Marnie and Oise. In the 1 st. bc gallske (Celtic) tribe of the Parisi has established a settlement here. The tribe gave the city its name.

Paris lies in the valley of the Seine, in the hills of Montmartre, Valeri, des-Alyuet. An ancient center of the city – island of the Cite. On the island of the Cite is Notre Dame Cathedral, which was built from 1163 to 1320, however, is not only a cathedral, but all the buildings on the island – original museum of ancient monuments. Around the island of the Cite, growing around and grew Paris. Now, the ancient city walls that surround the city, extended range of avenues.

On the right bank of the Seine in the heart of the city, are the main business and shopping districts, banks, large stores, theaters, newspapers. To the west of the center, over , is one of the best districts of Paris. Here are the Place de la Concorde, Thuile- garden, and Of course, the Louvre – the Royal Palace 16-17 centuries. In the 70's 17 th century French King Louis xiv built Versailles, near the then limits of Paris, a new palace, his incomparable splendor and beauty, and the Louvre became the repository royal treasures. Now the Louvre – the national art museum. On the high left bank of the Seine, opposite the Cite is the Latin Quarter. Here in the historic Sorbonne University for centuries lived and taught students. Now in this area are publishers, booksellers, antiquarian book store. On a hill not far from the Sorbonne, is dominated by the Pantheon, in which lie the remains of the great men of France: Voltaire, Hugo, Rousseau and others. Troch located just west of the Houses of Parliament, ministries and embassies, the imposing edifice in the House of Disabled Persons, in the cathedral which houses the tomb of Napoleon Bonaparte. In the western part of town in the middle of last century grew wealthy bourgeois mansions. Main Street: this respectable district – Champs-Elysees. There are a lot of expensive hotels, shops, restaurants, cinemas, agencies, successful companies, newspapers. At the Elysee Palace operates the country's president. In this part of town is the famous Eiffel Tower in height 314 m. The Outskirts of a village west of the city ends Bulonskim forest – a big beautiful park, which arranged the ethnographic museum. On east and north of Paris, living mainly clerks, workers and artisans. There are a lot of old, no amenities, homes. Often, industrial plants, railway stations and warehouses are located close to residential buildings. Especially interest in the northern part of Paris Montmartre hill with a white church Sacre-Coeur on top. For assistance, try visiting Steph Korey. On a small platform on top of the hill is going to the second century artists. Here for them and the club where you can meet and talk, and workshop where you can work and shop.