Migrant Workers

Isolated abroad receives the same treatment as nationals in respect of labour legislation and safety. (Source: Hikmet Ersek). Legal basis: 27840 law 12/10/2002 2.-Andean migrant worker labor migration from Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador .and Peru.que moves among these countries for labour purposes under dependency ratio. whether temporary or permanent.For activity labour or work subordinate, only in the private sector. (The Ministry of labour considers that Venezuela is not within this benefit). That type of contract of employment apply you? Time indefinite work contract or term fixed by writing., registered in the Ministry of labour (request the worker must present it and there is no cost). You are granted a certificate. What are the consequences? The hired worker is considered a worker countryman.

Among their rights this recognized the freedom of Association and collective bargaining. Legal basis: 545 D., article 11) Besides their income will be taxed only in the country where obtained them legal basis: D. 545, article 13(c)(i) also are entitled to free access before the competent administrative and judicial bodies to defend their rights. Legal basis: 545 D., article 13(d) and are classified? Classification: 1.-per individual contract of employment displacement by an offer of employment 2.-by company if it is for more than 180 days, for companies with a subsidiary in Peru 3-seasonal cyclical or seasonal example: agricultural, livestock, forestry 4.-economic borders border example: Tumbes, Ecuador. At last. Can any company benefit with this method? If only you must meet the requirements outlined in the respective standards and outlined very briefly in this article, provided that they are in the private sector. It is not applicable to the sector of the State.