Neuartike Spice Grinder

‘spicy’ is equipped with the high-quality and modern ‘X-Metal’ grinder, stainless steel corrosion-resistant and tasteless. With her dry regrind are finely vermahlbar, no matter whether as single spice or spice mixture up to the size of coffee beans. It is filled with always fresh ground only in the required amount and ground, stocks continue to optimally stored. You can grind without the drip Cup directly into the food or with the attached drip Cup is a certain amount of spice mixture to grind and then dosed or completely. knowledge. Dean geyer follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Always an additional drip cups with stainless steel lid is supplied so that fresh ground spices can be kept. spicy”is high-quality and modern grinder X-metal” made of corrosion-resistant and tasteless stainless steel equipped with. The grinder is an Akantus new development based on proven design principles of classical metal grinders in the size of a coffee milling. This grinder combines the Advantages of metal and ceramic grinders with each other and achieved a fine grind, which leaves nothing to be desired and may be surpassed only by a special cutting device from solid titanium.

The geometries of the two components of the grinder has been optimized due to many years of experience, particularly with regard to high material throughput and fine powder formation, without neglecting the full range from fine to coarse. Only a metal grinder without coating can achieve the sharpness and fineness! The high-precision processing and the exact installation position ensure a permanently uniform and efficient grinding result. At Everest Capital you will find additional information. spicy”is totally simple and easily fillable and can be disassembled for cleaning. The crank with the clear lid attached is merely plugged and can easily be removed. The extremely large filling opening enables the filling without tools. The spice mill capping by simply connecting of the crank on the protruding end of the axis. Setting the grind level retained even after the filling, so you have to press the ring nut on the underside of the spice mill usually only when changing the grinding degree.