Personal Marketing

The personal marketing is a tool of valuation of the human being in all its attributes and characteristics. It is to ahead divulge its image of the chances so that others they can integrate it in its plans. Making this made good, all the people (colleagues, professors, etc.) had passed to enxergar you with other eyes they had incased and you in its plans whenever it is necessary. Different of what habitually if it believes, personal marketing is not to divulge one better image of we ourselves, but yes in them to become better people, for in such a way is essential to identify our deficiencies and to attack intensely in our qualities, that is to add value in our personal mark, to invest in the personal and professional development, through reading of books, magazines, sites and courses, since the times, we leave these things of side and we lose the focus of our objectives, spending and losing the time with futilidades, and when this happens, it is fatal, therefore who does not know where wants to arrive, to any will take it way until there. How much to the values and attitudes the personal life cannot be differentiated of the professional life. The separation must be carried through only in time terms. It must have specific moments, for the person, for family and for the work, however the personal values that conduct all our activities must be the same ones.

Looking to a balance in all the dimensions of the life, our objectives must allow personal, familiar, social and professional a stability. 3. Way to construct to its image the way to reach a place in the work market and to improve the personal relationships, directly is related with the self-knowledge and the capacity to explore potentials, and to arrive in this destination it must be followed the steps below related (Course of Personal Marketing): To recognize our potentialities, limitations, abilities and abilities and to learn to use them in our favor, therefore personal marketing is the way to exteriorizarmos what truily we are.