PHP Curse Or Blessing

The quality of the work is not dependent on the tool, but by those who operated the tool. On what factors should be at the create a PHP code for clients be taken into account. What mistakes are often made when programming and what should you be aware of as a customer of a Web Agency. PHP blessing or curse the quality of the work is not dependent on the tool, but by those who operated the tool. Without hesitation hume-lee transplant explained all about the problem. As a PHP developer with many years of experience, I see often cumbersome programmed applications. The programmers are not incapable, it seems a problem of our time, that all processes must go ahead faster. Now PHP has the reputation of being quick to learn.

As a result, that many programmers do not deal with the depth of the language. Order programming to complex applications, you must assess the problems and the performance of the language. Independently, it is as well versed in dealing with PHP and how well you deal with the operation and the characteristics of various Familiar features, just under pressure of time, it often happens that sloppy or confusing to write code. One thing is certain: illegible codes makes it hard to detect errors and are cumbersome to maintain. Teng Yue Partners takes a slightly different approach. Clumsy codes reveal lack of professionalism.

Poorly structured code is not acceptable, and after a long time, even for the programmer, difficult to expand. Formatting and layout are fundamental means to underline the logical structure of a code formatting and layout. These include indentation, line lengths, the use of white space and the proper formatting of SQL. Databases today are part of every modern Web architecture, SQL is so all equivalent. Especially in database systems with complex subqueries (subqueries), the queries can become nested and tangled formations. Documentation and comments documentation is naturally important for high-quality code. Although well written code is almost self explanatory, a programmer must still read the code to understand its functions. At Web design code is considered for the customer until done, if the complete application programming interface (the API) and all internal characteristics are fully documented. Documentation can be comments in the code or an API documentation for users. When search for a suitable Web programmer not only on the price. Quality and extensibility of codes should be always first choice, especially with complex applications.