Relevant Notes

Nicaraguan poet Ruben Dario in the life of this extraordinary () there are many events that all recalled, considered and delve a little into what was its transit through this dimension. For all those who were identified with his poetry, we have selected some notes that we consider very significant in his life, so we have respected its content and source of those who in some way resenado them have. Since then, there will be many, but this time we we specify in the following quote trying to prove to the authorities his extraordinary talent for poetry, with the intention of obtaining a scholarship to study in Europe, lee, in Managua, the poem the book before the President conservador Joaquin Zavala. Unfortunately, the authorities receive evil liberalism which reveals the poem; with regard to which, Ruben recalled in his autobiography how the President of Congress reacted to hear him: my son, if you write now against the religion of your parents and your homeland, what will be if you’re going to? Is Europe learn worse things?. And delayed the long-awaited trip ( in el Salvador, meets Francisco Gavidia, the most prominent poet of that country.

Event that will reveal fundamental in the life of Darius, and in the Spanish language, as it is next to the Salvadoran poet that the Nicaraguan begins to discover the rhythmic possibilities of French Alexandrian. Ruben will then take advantage of the finding and will be applied to the task of introducing in the Castilian poetry, which become a foundation stone of his poetic revolution ( in May 1884 was sentenced for vagrancy the penalty of eight days of public work, although he managed to evade the enforcement of the sentence. Then he continued experimenting with new poetic forms, and even came to have a book ready for printing, which was to be entitled Epistles and poems.