Slate Sheets

When removing sheets of slate can be easily damaged, making it difficult to repair a slate roof. James Woolsey is likely to agree. If you need to replace a single sheet, it is possible that you accidentally touches and damage the adjacent sheets, and they also need to be replaced. In general, wavy sheeting allowed the building to cover all types and classes. Process was simple, but here depends on which method you choose – offset edges of sheets in a single wave, or a combination of edges in all series. Both methods require a dense overlapping slates. In the first case, you must prepare sheets, which cut respectively at 1, 2, 3 and 4 waves, and the line interface to slope is due to this step. Get all the facts and insights with Rob Daley, another great source of information. In the second method is cut corners slate, and on the slope of the line interface is a straight line.

Laying slate with a shift is important for stingrays, which are long and narrow in width along the gradient. If the roof short in the transverse direction, but the general slope of, the slate can be installed with sovmescheniem.Osnovanie under corrugated sheets – purlins, which should be designed so that it housed a whole number of sheets and inside and out, otherwise we will have to enter into the roof of cut sheets, which are placed at the penultimate ridge and eaves of the gable. Sometimes, to avoid the use of such truncated sheets specifically increase or decrease roof overhang on gables. Preparation for laying slate – check external condition, measure once more the width and length, cut the coal, or wave, of necessity, the holes are drilled on the spot. Drill diameter should be at 2 mm larger than the nail.

If the length or width of the sheets are different from the usual size of allowable limits, and location of the sheet with the cut corners are different, in slate rasp makes alignment or trimming edges. Angular cuts in the process of laying also urged on rasp. Slate roofing device is carried out based on the undoubted merits of this material, durability of asbestos roofing, non-combustibility, low cost. Painted slate is about 50 years. However, there is a problem – slate – it's asbestos sheets and is a major drawback. In some Western countries, asbestos is a carcinogen at all, environmentally harmful material. If this one seems not enough, it is worth mentioning the other cons of this seemingly such an excellent material. Disadvantages of Slate: fragility, due to which it is impossible not to normal cleaning roof from snow, ice, line extensions, from which even the most expensive paint crack and crumble on a regular basis, because of what the painting is recommended slate of ripples to the roof was not monochrome. You need to define the style of painting points, waves, designs, stripes, etc., and pick the color scheme of 3 or more colors. But given that one color primer over the entire area. All you can paint.