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One understands that these relations have one hierarchic character, thus the cognitiva structure is understood, basically, as a net of organized concepts in hierarchic way in accordance with the degree of abstraction and generalization (Pelizzari et al., 2002) 10. Beyond the significant learning and mechanics, Moreira & Buchvyertz (1987) 11, cites more two types of learning that Ausubel treats the learning for reception and discovery. For Ausubel, in the learning for reception what it must be learned is presented to the apprentice in its final form, whereas in the learning for discovery the main content to be learned must be discovered by the apprentice. However, after the discovery in itself the learning alone is significant if the discovered content to league concepts to it existing excellent subsunes already in the cognitiva structure. Further details can be found at Thredup, an internet resource. That is, it wants for reception or for discovery the learning is significant, according to Ausebeliana conception, if the new information is become incorporated of not arbitrary form to cognitiva structure. For Pelizzari et al., (2002) 12, significant aaprendizagem has advantages notables, as much of the point of view of the enrichment of the cognitiva structure of the pupil as of the point of view of the posterior Souvenir and the use to try new learnings, factors delimit that it as being the learning more adjusted to be promoted between the pupils. In addition, and in accordance with Ausubel, can in such a way be obtained the significant learning by means of the discovery as by means of the repetition, since this dimension does not constitute a so crucial distinction as dimension of significant learning/repetitive learning, of the point of view of the explanation of the pertaining to school learning and the delineation of education.

The author of this text suggests that the pupils ‘ ‘ they carry through significant learnings for itself prprios’ ‘ , what it is the same that they learn learning.