In this context, our country is not of is of such transformations that intervene in incisive way with some sectors of the society. The present text, exactly in initial period of training, aims at to approach the demographic dynamics of the Microregion de Cataguases, pertaining to the Mesorregio of the Zone of Mata Minera, through one brief characterization of its population using given of the Demographic Censuses and the Population Counting of the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics – IBGE. A look in microregional scale if makes necessary for the possibility of insertion in the formularization of public and also territorial politics. The Microregion de Cataguases in the Context of the Zone of Mining Mata Microregion de Cataguases is one of the seven that they form the mesorregio of the Zone of Mining Mata, that is composed for 142 cities> whose population is of 2.126.597 inhabitants – 11.03% of the population of the State of Minas Gerais (19.273.506 inhabitants) – according to data of the Population Counting of IBGE 2007.

The other microregions are: Manhuau, New Bridge, Muria, Viosa, Ub and Juiz De Fora. In the mesorregio, the city of Cataguases is as the polarizing urban nucleus, in first Juiz De Fora, polarizing the 13 cities of the microregion: Santana de Cataguases, Eusbia Owner, Orange grove Palm, Itamarati of Mines, Recreation, Leopoldina, Argirita, Pirapetinga, Antnio Saint of the Adventurer, D’ Star; White, Return Great Beyond Paraba. To understand the microregion of Cataguases, becomes necessary to lean over a little in the history of the occupation of the Mesorregio. The occupation of the Zone of Mata if gave throughout the valleys due to the relief strong wavy, leaving the topos of mount and the hillsides covered for the bush..