As I mentioned in the previous article, one of the most important points to build a business on the internet is to create a mailing list. Now, let’s look at a little more than detail what is a mailing list. In general terms, a mailing list is that constituted by a certain amount of people who have given you their personal data, mainly your email using a form placed in your blog or on your website. In principle, each name in your list becomes what is known as a prospect, but once you are working on that list of prospects properly, begins to convert those prospects into customers. We must be clear that there is a marked difference between making money online and build a business and, precisely, the lists marked part of that difference. For example, many people who decide to make extra money through internet, start without a product or service to offer to your potential customers; do, promoting products such as merchants affiliated with products of other entrepreneurs or, Maybe selling advertising on its web site. In both cases may be making money, but not a business is being built. This, for the reason of that, generally, these activities not requires gathering information from potential clients requesting permission to take action in some aspect.

By contrast, when building a business, this part of the process is essential or vital, you need to obtain the data of persons, giving them permission to send them information once it is no longer your data. In these cases, action concrete that visitors must make is, precisely, Subscribe to your lists, by filling out a form designed for this purpose. Subscribe to the list of prospects, action for subscribers represents a kind of compromise with you, but only in a sense, receive something of its part, generally free, in exchange for giving their data.