Effective Advertising

Radio commercials, according to British sociologists of memorability is not much behind the television. Effectiveness minute radiospota is about 75 percent efficiency standard 30-second . Though the price of radio advertising is 5-6 times less than the price of television advertising. Research conducted at Northwestern University, show that people find it easier to convince of the merits of a new product, if you do it with words. He named Like more and more they are willing to buy it, than in cases where the verbal treatment are accompanied by pictures.

It seems that anything else is not supported by a verbal message is capable of creating far more people strong positive feeling for the goods. This effect is due to physiological characteristics of perception. Ear reacts faster than the eye. Repeated testing shows that the brain is able to perceive the spoken word for 140 milliseconds, and for understanding the printed word requires 180 milliseconds. Psychologists believe that a difference of 40 milliseconds is spent on the brain is to translate the visual image in the hearing, which the brain can absorb.

We do not we only heard more quickly than we see, our auditory perception lasts longer than the visual. Visual image – a picture or printed word – fades in less than 1 second, if our brain is not making a special effort to memory effect seen. Auditory perception also lasts 45 times longer. Therefore, listen to a message – is more effective than reading.

Lieutenant Colonel Hugo Chavez

I prefer a drop of wisdom to a ton of wealth. Every good administrator knows, that the opportunity cannot be lost, these should be evaluated in all its aspects from the weaknesses that have their strengths, threats, knowing determine what they can lead in favour of changes that provide growth, give step transformations that favors everyone. Schools of Venezuelan administrators, especially which involves us, of Carabobo, you can not isolate the national reality, what the current Government under the management of the current President, Lieutenant Colonel Hugo Chavez cold this promoting, what has represented their actions, through economic programmes and other measures to strengthen what he has called socialism of the 21st century. Many of those actions has led to be made manifest in the country uncertainty risk, fears, a turbulent scenario, aspect which has already in the business sector, where working members of the school’s administrators, closely linked to business professionals and where your role, professional practice is essential to ensure development, operability and productivity. There are many the pynes and some other companies that have stopped working, others you are doing not with that productivity scenario requires, many by the absence of Manager is proactive, strategists, innovators, able to face the challenges and promote actions that exploited the same weaknesses that Government programmes presented, thus, as some needs that demand, so that some of them achieve its objectivecounting with a corporate sector which collaborate in its management. The truth, that still remains is a role of passive administrators College, isolated from the reality of what a Guild represents, with much passivity, excessive figuration of its authorities, giving more strength to the roles social, sporting, to academics, research for the defence of the rights of the administrator, a role that will ensure the effective school presence Pro aspects that favour really show your membership and commitment to the national reality.