Eating fish is a major weak point in the diet of many Spanish. Many do not eat because it is very difficult to clean, others because they are afraid of thorns, etc. The fact is that all these problems do not exist with a good salmon, because their bones are very well localized, and are large enough to remove them is not complicated. It is also a very consistent fish and can make a main course perfectly. In this case we suggest you the recipe for baked salmon, garnished with potatoes and peppers.

It is a very simple recipe and you will certainly great. Baked Salmon Ingredients: 4 slices of salmon. 2 large potatoes. 1 medium onion. 1 green pepper. 2 tomatoes. 1 glass of white wine.

2 cloves of garlic. Oil, pepper and salt. Peel potatoes, cut into slices bread type, and fry, without letting them brown too much. Separately, chop the onion and bell pepper slices, and fry in separate pans until they are soft. We set the oven to heat. We spread the basis of a source with oil and we put the chips on the bottom, top onion, pepper and then, finally, sliced tomatoes. We put on all the pre-spiced salmon slices, and sprinkle over the garlic and chopped parsley. When oven is hot, we introduce into the tray for five minutes. After this time, pour a glass of wine on the entire surface and let them do five to ten minutes. After this time we will have a great baked salmon. Delicious, nutritious and very consistent. Search through thousands of, and find fabulous recipes like.