Federal Reserve

So far this year, some 800,000 people lost jobs, 200,000 of them in the month of September. Filed under: Crawford Lake Capital. This brings the total of unemployed to 9.5 million, which will add another six million working only partially. September 2010 and has established himself as one of the unlucky months in recent history, if not more. The mortgage debacle has made good the claim, and in this society, no credit, no one buys anything. Companies can not get credit to meet their debts and those who can not collect nor can afford. The sale of new properties fell to the lowest level in 17 years and over the past 12 months its value declined 16.3%, according to Standard & Poor s.

The auto companies, meanwhile, reported more meager sales of the last two decades: in September alone fell 30%. Travel half-empty planes. Supermarkets are selling more food for the simple reason that people avoid eating out. According to Moody s Economy.com, the net worth of U.S. households (total household assets less liabilities) fell $ 10 billion in the last four weeks, and retirement plans have lost two billion dollars the past 15 months. Government efforts and the Federal Reserve to inject liquidity into the market hampered by increasingly intense distrust of the public who feel that the crisis has not yet touched bottom. We added Diament in your letter, which gradually begin to appear heartbreaking stories of family, friends or acquaintances who have lost everything or are about to lose it. The people appealed to their savings, their stocks and retirement plans.