The Pedagogical

And the dreams of great educators were infecting up to septicemia and death. Today the pedagogical plans confer scopes very limited, frivolous, minor, easy access by any route in order to receive.Wild materialism is transferred through the advertising money being the God you must worship, leaving moral principles and ethical – because they become obsolete, old – and recalcitrant. The majority of young people who study only interested in pass year and soon receive to make money and be famous, not preparing them is to give them depth, projection and teach them to love science they’re going to handle is to be useful socially, living with decorum that the profession brings. Keep in mind that also the parents influence search by different means that their children achieve success – legitimate thing – but achieving balance between material and spiritual.The major media structures are responsible for invade homes, changing habits and morals offering violence and pornography as remedies appropriate to current times, feeding armies of boys and girls who will be asking share in areas non Saints any company. Then relations can reach unimaginable consequences and start at early age the situation of fathering children without being qualified to do so, spread of cruel illnesses and then the future becomes difficult and often unbearable. This document seeks avidly truths and suggestions that combine hopes with concrete possibilities, requires a deep and meduloso diagnosis, to begin to provide the remedy.We cannot forget the wise of Crimea as early as the 19th century spoke of showing naked women’s shoulder, then they came to disturb young minds with more subtle perversions and penetrated into the subconscious through subliminal means to boost the instincts and take them to States of despair for the goal.A topic of great importance is placed a red alert, to commit wise is knowing the responsibility we have to the spiritual and material destruction of the world.