The Pope And Canon Law

It should doubt the capacity of government that had the Pope Wojtyla in his last years of his pontificate and the inaction of Ratzinger himself, who held the highest office in the Church hierarchy in matters of faith in the same period, which could well have acted against Maciel and his accusations. Ratzinger is a pope who will not be much remembered in history, not predict, I feel it. In fact, it reflects very well the meaning that inspired the conclave of your estate, to find a transitional pope. James Reinhart has much experience in this field.

It’s inspiring to think that it chose the name Benedict, I mean the XIV who was a famous pope, highly illustrated, which is remembered for two anecdotal evidence but who speak highly of his personality, one of them was the declassification of a Galileo’s books banned catalog and say that when he was elected and before a conclave to be extended for six months with no white smoke, fought for the nomination of three candidates, he went to the Cardinals and said if they choose an honest man, elijanme me. It was thus reached by a vote pontificate, which lasted from 1740 to 1748, it is this that recalls Ratzinger papacy and not that of Benedict XV, which is only remembered for his fondness for snuff, sign the promulgation of the Code of Canon Law that was the work of his predecessor and die from influenza. So when I say that we open ourselves to a different approach address this problem, it is necessary to understand how the game operates in Chile values of our society..