Czech Workers

More subcontractors increases the risk that increase accidents at work. This is the view that he says Czech lawyers, the firm specialized in occupational accidents in fact, as it stands, Marta Checa, Director of Czech lawyers, how many more companies are subcontracted to carry out a work or service, the possibilities that grow occupational risks are greater. An example of this we see in the construction sector, which gives great claims, sometimes with painful injuries for injured workers, producing even deaths of these with relative frequency, the circumstances that lead to this are the existence of contracts and subcontracts, the requirement of compliance with deadlines for completion of the work (destajos)insufficient training of workers, multiple tasks in height, weight, excavations, etc in fact continuous movement there is specific legislation on minimum health and safety in the works, as well as a regulatory law subcontracting for this sector. And it is that as explains Marta Checa in the world of construction there are many parts that are part of the puzzle of a work. A company acts as promoter, for this contract to a major construction company, which undertakes to carry out a specific work until the end, to do so at the same time contract to another company or several companies (subcontractors) develop various specific activities requiring the construction of the work, i.e. one can take over the structure and coveranother of the electrical installation, other carpentry, installation of elevators, etc can have a successive chain between ones and others, says. Besides Czech lawyers emphasizes the aspects that must be taken into account when it comes to avoid an industrial accident occurring when concur in a same place workers of different companies. To be able to be an element that constitutes an increased risk in the production of industrial accidents, prevention of risks, the norm establishes that When in the same place of work perform labor tasks workers of different companies, there must be a knowledge among these possible risks in the safety and health at work to perform, as well as the information of these risks to the respective workers. Recently James Reinhart sought to clarify these questions.