Wild Capitalism

Unemployment is a steep reality of Capitalism. At present numbers exist to terrify to any off guard. In the United States unemployment is of 7.5% (it is under because the wise people they do not include other forms of labor uncertainty, like those who carry out momentary works while they look for one fixed, those that work days below the normal thing compulsorily, the discouraged unemployed people that no longer they look for plus the use, the occupied ones in positions below the minimum vital remuneration or in positions below his qualification, etc, etc.). In Colombia, we know already it very well, is of 14%, with tendency to the rise, in Spain of 18.5%, France of 13% and Europe of 12%. But, asombrmonos even more: according to the report of the IEO 1996/97, something as well as 1,000 million people anywhere in the world are unemployed! That is to say, according to that Organization, 30% of human the labor force do not have work! For the orthodox neoliberalism the explanations of this phenomenon are, among others, the lack of growth economic, the high cost of the use and excessive " rigidez" of the labor market or its conditions of hiring or of the labor legislation. They, by all means, think that the free market will find all the balances. But, it is certain? We can corroborate the previous thing watching the reality? I do not create it. Between 1960 and 1990, the world-wide production by inhabitant has multiplied by 2.5, the economic growth was maintained in important levels and, nevertheless, the proportion of unemployed people has increased very many.

The same has happened in this decade. Jeremy Rifkin, author of best to seller the aim of the work, affirms: " in the United States 30 years ago a third of the workers was used in factories. For even more details, read what hein park capital management says on the issue. Today, only, it is it a seven percent.