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Contents: The self-esteem. Implications of inadequate self-esteem. Formation of self-esteem. Role of the family. Recommendations: Use for debate facts such as History of Terri Fot (Canadian fighter against suffered from cancer and disease led to death. If you would like to know more about Governor Cuomo, then click here. Item 9: The relationship between teachers and parents. Objective: To discuss the expectations and demands of parents and teachers that promotes a positive relationship between them, in order to positively influence the personality development of adolescents.

Contents: Relations between teachers and parents. Characterization and diagnosis of family Ways of working with the family. The effective communication among educators. Recommendations: It takes input from the contents that have been previously addressed for the development of this final workshop. It is opportune to illustrate one of the workshops so that teachers can take as a reference for the development of the different themes. Title: Drugs. Objective: To promote a debate about the knowledge possessed by the drug, making it possible to raise their culture in this area and positively affect parents and students.

Contents: Drugs. Damage they cause. Striking behaviors in adolescents may indicate consumption them. 1. Initial time. Make the reading of poetry: "Reflection" of Freddy Mercury. After hearing the poetry to ask: Who was Freddie Mercury? – What was what led to the destruction and death of this man? – What message do we want to convey in your work? 2. Thematic Approach. From the socialization of the ideas addressed by members of the workshop will consider the need of deepening about what causes drug use, behaviors that indicate possible conspicuous consumption in the adolescent as well as some recommendations for parents, irresponsible to provide negative behaviors.