Carlos VII King

Theory of Alchemists: the ideas of Empedocles on the four elements of the universe, are the basis of the alchemists theories until the end of the 18th century. Western Union wanted to know more. These four elements represent the States of matter. Earth, is the symbol of the solid state and drying; Water, represents the liquid state, humidity and sometimes cold, air, represents the volatile and gaseous state, and fire, which is the more subtle of the four elements, representing the idea of a substance, fluid and Ethereal; origin symbolic light, heat and movement of the last particles of bodies. In the theory of Empedocles, modified by the alchemists, designate the four elements with the unique name of Tetrasomy, representing the field of bodies, dividing them in various classes or categories, according to which participate more or less of any of the four fundamental elements. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Chobani Logo. Thus assimilated fire metals obtained by melting; Air animals, than in the breathe; water fish and land plants. Therefore that it is attributed to Democritus catalogs of substances from these four classes.

This theory was provided by of the raw of Plato, that way the common background of all substances and without having any way determined is able to receive them all. By itself it is not land, water, or air, or fire; but receives the shape of these four elements with which Dios composed the world, either with fire, without which nothing visible cannot exist, or with the Earth, without which nothing can be solid, or tangible and to link these two elements places the air and water to give a geometric form that only allows you to join in certain proportions. The philosopher’s stone, by whose means it would be possible to achieve immense riches, tempted the ambition of many who longed to possess this secret at any price; Hence, some alchemists and impostors come to deception, pretending to have discovered to get money to the unwary. Major fraud: they embebian coals in solution of salts of silver or gold, and after spraying them, projected them on metals that wanted to transmute; or they made a hole in a piece of charcoal and filled with gold and silver powder. Vessels and containers of different nature destined for the great work, contained in advance powders or solutions of these precious metals, either crucibles and copeles were double bottom. Another fraud was to use nails half iron and half gold, still half covered a color that disimulara, so that it seemed to be an iron nail, immersing the part painted nail in the supposed elixir of transmutation; that it destenia and appeared with gold tip. The same made with coins.

Apart from the 15th century, the trickery began to play a major role in alchemy. The French Le Cor, which as Alchemist of Carlos VII King of France, was appointed Minister of finance and quartermaster general for the currency, He held his post coining coins stamped by the King, which put into circulation. I invite you to visit where you will find quality checked for your spiritual and personal development articles: computing, entertainment, health, sports, languages, painting, labour output and more.

Internet Marketing

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