Rapala Count Down

It's an easy target – a wounded fish. The same result can be achieved if the sinking lure to offer white coming from the bottom or if he hit the bottom of the blade, leaving a cloud haze. Asp just see it, even if it is in polvody or on the surface, the white will stand out from the lure of underwater objects. So, if you catch – think like a fish, and imagine how you would do in her place. Believe me, no, even well-fed fish, do not miss the fish, but only if it is to see it. Whether it's a pike, perch, pike, chub chub or the same.

Well, if no bites, usually I put a dark blue Rapala Magnum 5 cm, it looks like bull. If that fails, then move on to another place. Over the years, catching asp I saw that in spring it should catch on the deep rifts in the morning (1.5-2 m) at night, they usually transferred to the outputs of the pits, where the depth to 3.5 meters and ooze. In the first case we put floating baits with large blades. Especially well-proven Rapala Count Down, which consists of two parts, and painted a trout.

It great bait for catching the asp in any season, at one time she brought me a 5-pound walleye on asp and 3900 was repeatedly able to catch asp Rapala Super Shad – Silver minnow with black dot. And although this is purely and pike Okunevaya spoon, but it peck and chub. Asp in the evening returned to the morning room.