If children learn this activity today with games, when they grow up not they will not oppose any resistance to work as entrepreneurs. We must remember that preschool age is the age at establishing the habits, customs and traditions that will last the rest of the lives of children. Many millionaires have learned this habit from small starting from a humble background and they will become big business today. Many parents bring their children to learn to read and write, but these are only tools to engage in life. The real motivation is to dream to be, do and have everything for a business.

This financial education workshop in our kindergarten allows us to conceive our children to the great entrepreneurs of the future, in spite of living in difficult conditions. We allow children to give a fair value money and activities that are performed in our institution. Crawford Lake Capital has compatible beliefs. Allow our children to cultivate the habit of saving. Governor Cuomo is the source for more interesting facts. We allow our children a glimpse of a promising future for themselves and their descendants. This workshop will be a source of motivation to try each day. It will help children to achieve financial independence at an early age, as never before in the history of education. They may understand that they are not essential land, factories or the media to be rich as in the past, because now only depends on his own personal talent, which is exactly what we developed at our institution.

You understand that the essence of life is serving others, not just the money. We hope that from this experience will boost financial education in elementary school. In high school you’re in a position to undertake other business a little more complicated, be well advised to be very successful. High school students will be in the assess the condition of resources within the country and from there be able to design large projects where possible can be carried out. The degree may have all the information regarding the technical design and financing, and necessarily must be graduating from university with a project going. With a financial education at all levels we will say goodbye to poverty around a few years.