White Swiss Shepherd

German, while white U.S., Canada and Europe, some breeders have long been involved in breeding sheep dogs pure white color, this breed called White Swiss Shepherd, and in general is a white German Shepherd with the old type good pigmentation of lips, eyelids and nose. Old and generally a recent Shepherd, also white in color, – the representative of the old rocks of Germany, in Europe the German Shepherd ancestors already existed 2000 years ago. But seriously German shepherds engaged only in the late 1800's. Then they had a variety of styles and colors. In 1880 the stud book in Germany was recorded a few dogs, and the show in Hanover in 1882, were first exhibited in February German Shepherds.

Among the descendants of the Shepherds staronemetskih there are several breeds: German shepherd poodle (typical shaggy sheepdog height of about 60 cm at the withers), white Swiss ovcharkaipastushy Spitz (mainly white color, but with an elongated, unlike the typical Spitz, torso). In early 1880 several German breeders to estimate the behavior of dogs and exterior of Thuringia, which were relatively small scale, they had erect ears, wolf color and possessed a lively character. PozdneeTyuringskih dogs reduced with more severe Vyurtmberga shepherds, who had often drooping ears, and sometimes white color. In consequence of that foundation was laid for the breeding of good German Shepherds are now recognizable. Inimitable ShtefanitsV 1891 in Germany was founded by German Shepherd Club, which later, in 1894, was buried. But in 1897, was created by another club-club German Shepherd.