Democracy Made

While in the rest of the Americas population chooses directly to the President and in many parts of Europe Parliament nominated the ruling, in U.S. is an Electoral College who decides who occupies the White House. The current President (Bush), for example, debuted in power despite the fact that it took half a million votes less than Al Gore. In the November 4 elections are selected the 538 members of the electoral college who represent 51 different constituencies. Who wins in each one of these is left with all their constituents.

The two parties have secured solid States. Democrats dominate the West and northeast coast in addition to 3 States of the Center, totaling 228 electors them. Republicans stand in the South and the Centre – East and would have almost secured 190 electors. The battle decide 12 swing States which hold 120 delegates. More information is housed here: gibson dean. Curious democracy this in which a fifth of the voters determine the representative of a power which, moreover, despite having 5% of humanity, is who defines the course of global economics and politics.