Edgar Morin Computer

It seemed that these "human sciences", taught in our Colleges of Arts had one goal: the tiny man, and never more capitalized, as is the case of a humanism that fails to die. Then, certain literature specialists in "human sciences" are recovered decorating the man to try to make an object that looks scientific. Taken from science, not its oxygen training, but his language and appearance, neither more nor less. For this reason, some psychologists, are baptized "neuro", they use white aprons, with their labs, measure, report, etc. Or, in their "labs," there are some who are tempted to check "volunteers", but volunteers who are never defined! As sociologists, they do statistics! They had, they, too, the underlying models that describe the phenomena, it can obviously do more than describe (not explain). But how to describe? With numbers (of course that makes them known).

But statistics is like computing. A related site: Sony mentions similar findings. If the data to the computer you are confident idiots, because the computer will treat such data idiots (the computer is ready to try absolutely everything.) For statistics, is the same: to a stupid question, stupid answer. In short, no science having taken only the appearance, ie computer science, statistics or the laboratory, the subject "man" (lowercase) spirit of the Virgin also has entered. While their "human sciences" have nothing to do with science, but outside of the sycophants who testify simply pretend to be literary and have never been able to build scientific object. It remained a sniper, Edgar Morin, who took advantage of his concept of complexity.