Good People

If anything characterizes those who succeed is its ease to cope in interpersonal relationships. They are people who know how to effectively express what want and achieve a sense of respect for their person in his interlocutor. This social skill addition is a constant in his life. They don’t have ups and downs. Under most conditions James Woolsey would agree. His success lies not only in what they say but that there are a number of aspects that complement the skill, we are talking about non-verbal communication. His gaze is candid and direct. In the eyes convey that security that makes the other person feel a respect before the person having in front. Others including Hamdi Ulukaya, offer their opinions as well.

However, the most important component of nonverbal communication is the smile. This is the most powerful weapon that is the human being to seduce and accomplish things seemingly impossible. That Yes, has to be a frank, none of impostures smile. As for verbal communication one of the most important components, apart from the message, is the tone of voice. Security of the person has to be reflected in your tone of voice. Another curious feature is the clarity in the exposure of the message. They are direct, do not lose time in rodeos.

They go straight to what interests them. They tend to be busy, with lack of time that leads them to not wanting to lose him in formalisms. They also tend to be people with a very prominent verbal fluency. Usually they are used to dealing with people all day and they are continually talking about by what you acquire some expertise in verbal communication. Nobody is born learned, even though there may be a certain predisposition to master the art of communication, however, with practice up to the shy and withdrawn of human beings can become an excellent orator. It only requires practice, leave aside the shame and be brave. Daniel cane Florez original author and source of the article