Rustic Furniture Decor

As decorative elements for rustic furniture can be incorporated straw baskets or Wicker table with details in iron lamps, with natural or dried flowers, animals made with wood and brass ornaments, centerpieces of forging, candelabra, candles, lanterns, etc. that is, those ornaments that are made from wood, stone, iron, or the combination of them manually. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Natasha and Chris Ashton. Chairs and armchairs can decorate by adding pillows or cushions covered with floral prints or simply with fabrics in raw colors without any detail, this will soften the visual environment and provide a higher comfort level. Not to overload environments should be placed drapery raw fabrics, thread or linen, curtains or shades of light colors often associated with this decorative style, giving the room a fresh, light and luminous air. For walls you can choose white and combine it with other colors of paint that have an influence of nature as ochres, burnt Brown, green mold and earthly tones as the toasted and beige. You can also consider adding a wallpaper to any wall to give it a rustic touch. Remember that inside the rustic style fits the simplicity, therefore you do not overload the environments.

If you want an alternative to wood floors, can be used pavers or slates, and others would not be adding a rug, a floor lamp that illuminates forged chandeliers that hang on a wall or ceiling. Learn more at: crowne plaza rosemont. The fireplace is an inevitable in this style element since it represents a place for relaxation or meeting, surrounded by sofas to recreate a comfortable, cosy and relaxed atmosphere. I have given you several ideas to have a warm, pleasant home and recover the memory of what many have lived in our towns. This way you can for a few hours leaving the world of the cities filled with asphalt and neon lights to take refuge in the traditional. . Acaciaypalisandro. com we are importers with extensive experience in the furniture and decoration industry and design, is worth mentioning that our items are made with hardwood of first quality. We write articles related to rustic furniture that may be of interest to people who want to decorate their homes.

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