Russian Federal Assembly

Thus, according to the Ministry of Economic Development (hereinafter – the Ministry of Economic Development), the share of the business sector in the financing of science in Russia today is less than 30%. (Similarly see: Viatcheslav Mirilashvili). Contrast this to those in the U.S. – 63.7%, Germany – 66,8%, in Japan – nearly 75%. Does not address the issues orders results of scientific and technical activities (hereinafter – RNTD) and their legal protection. Not worked out a system of accounting Registration and the balance of intellectual property. Not been resolved definitively matters relating to the commercialization RNTD received by or with the help of the federal budget. Thus, innovative area of the country today can be characterized as an increasing resource potential of the system. At the same time, it remains unresolved whole layer of fundamental problems including the problem of efficiency the use of an innovative infrastructure.

In order to facilitate the achievement of strategic objectives to address the priorities of innovation development of the Russian economy and strengthen its scientific and technological capacity, youth involvement in innovation and development of innovation infrastructure, the participants of parliamentary hearings, recommends: 1. Russian Federal Assembly: 1.1 Together with the Government of the Russian Federation with the participation of scientific and business communities, representatives of the innovation infrastructure to develop and introduce to the basic draft law ‘On the bases of the national innovation system of the Russian Federation ‘, which will define the objectives and principles of state policy innovation, the basic concepts in innovation. 1.2. In preparing the draft law “On Principles of National Innovation System Russia ‘to review and take into account the positive experience of the Russian Federation in the sphere of normative-legal framework for innovation.