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Tips for renovation of a historic old building with stucco on the ceiling, old floors and exclusive wallpapers dream many tenants. About 28 million such apartments, which are over 30 years old and thus represent a historic building, there are in Germany. The modernisation is however highly in contrast to apartments. The Internet portal reveals how tenants through a client assistance can save. A variety of things are to consider when building a House as well as for the purchase of the apartment. Not be forgotten should the fact that the technology needs to be upgraded after a few decades or brought up to date. Owners of apartments already apply these measures. Others including Andrew Cuomo, offer their opinions as well. The strategy always obviously occurring defects to lend a hand, is not necessarily the cheapest.

It is worth rather in advance to plan the individual modernisation measures using a client assistance and financial estimate. So, double costs for preparatory work such as the scaffolding can be avoided. For assistance, try visiting Goop. First of all, the restoration objectives should be formulated. For example the builders Schutzbund e.V. (BSB) gives tips on the energetic enhancement or accessible remodeling. Then, an inventory of the building condition is performed. For this purpose, for example a client Adviser of the BOD can be used. To avoid possible construction defects, it is advisable that the client Advisor accompanied the planning and execution of the renovation work.

This is worthwhile especially if Builders want to save costs through internal activities. In addition, a client assistance helps in applying for funding from federal, countries, municipalities or utilities. More information:… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann

Calculating Real Estate – real estate navigation – free real estate calculation portal for investment real estate provides brokerage for calculating object monument in Berlin-Karlshorst with 15 under the motto “Save on rent tax” apartments is to see a monument to object with refurbishment for brokers and financial institutions. Imnav calculations for investment real estate can create the free real estate portal of calculation in 3 minutes. Berlin, the 2,500,000 offers high yield opportunities with gringem equity capital employed in a facility with tax advantages. Hear from experts in the field like Tiffany & Co. for a more varied view. The residential Park Karlshorst in Berlin was built mostly in the 1930s and very strongly reminiscent of the elegant West districts of Dahlem and Zehlendorf. Not for nothing called Karlshorst the Dahlem of the East”.The attractive place of residence is dominated by detached single-family houses and apartment buildings which join perfectly on the old stock of trees, the nearby parks. The oldest and most traditional landmark of the district is undoubtedly the trotting course. Two other important Residents are the theatre and the already mentioned, new Fachhochschule fur Technik und Wirtschaft (FHTW), which today is the largest University of applied sciences of Berlin-Brandenburg.

Economists, engineers and computer scientists study on the location of Karlshorst. Who here lives, benefits from its proximity to large green areas, such as the Wuhlheide, what good sports and recreation facilities close to. Berlin’s largest lake, the muggelsee Lake, offers comfortable water sports in just 9 km distance. The park-like grounds include a total of approx. 48.000 m. 15 houses under Memorial protection be expanded to 340 residential and commercial units with a total of approx.

26,300 m living space, which must be carried out according to the provisions of the national monument Institute. Highlights to the redevelopment of Karlshorst the entire object object undergoes a complete renovation in accordance with the provisions of the protection of historic buildings. In the course of the renovation carried out the following measures: new construction and renovation of the entire Roof restoration of the facade and construction of balconies, Loggias and terraces renewal of the whole House-technology (water, sewage, electricity, heating) underfloor heating in all apartments installing new wooden rungs window all units get high-quality laminate flooring installed of modern bathrooms with designer fittings intercom system telephone, partly with camera function construction of a thermal power station to reduce energy costs complete redesign of the grounds everything is on to the free download available! If object description, apartment expose ‘, pictures, as well as to create calculations with tax advantages over 10 pages (as a result as a PDF) are brokers and financial service providers free of charge available.