Religious Futurists

The Islo is the second religion with bigger number of fidiciary offices, behind only of the Christianity, according to CIA World Factbook of 2005. In accordance with the World Network of Religious Futurists, and the U.S. Center will be World Mission the islamismo would more quickly be growing in number of believers of any another religion. The islamismo today is dominated by the traditionalism, worried about the maintenance of old practical rituals and, as the use of the veil for the women. They still exist current that they intend to conciliate the Isl with aspects of modernity, that they are mainly active in the United States of America.

To the similarity of what it happens in the judaism and the Christianity, the islamismo also is marked by the existence of integristas or fundamentalist said movements. The Islamic traditions are based on the Alcoran, the said ones of the prophet (hadith) and on the interpretations of these sources for the theologians. Throughout the last centuries, a trend for the conservadorismo has been verified, with new interpretations sights as undesirable. Xari old had a much more flexible character of what that one today associated with the Islamic jurisprudence (fiqh), and many Islamic Muslim academics believe that it must be renewed, and that the classic jurists would have to lose its special statute. This implies the necessity to formulate new fiqh that it is practicable in the modern world, as considered for the defenders of the islamizao of the knowledge, and would go to deal with the modern context. This movement does not intend to modify the basic points of the islamismo, but yes to prevent harms interpretations and to free the way for the renewal of the previous statute of the Islamic world as a center of modern thought and freedom.