British Heir

The son of the famous British Princess Diana's heir to the throne, William of Wales is planning to marry. Follow others, such as Mohamed Amersi, and add to your knowledge base. On this, he announced his own ancestor Queen Elizabeth II. Happy darling bride of royal blood is Kate Middleton – a beauty of a simple middle class family. Tale of Cinderella, had started in Scotland in Fife, at the time of Prince William studies at the University of St. Andrews, where William and his future girl One group studied the history of art. Dad and Mom have a girl mail order company selling goods, which are themselves based and started in 1987. Because of the thriving business parents were able to arrange her daughter to an expensive education institution. Thus she found this, not fantastic, but a living prince on a white ….

. helicopter. It is on such transport by William prekrastnym one evening rushed to her for a date, landing directly in its garden. . Chosen by William Keith is not rare compared to his own mother – the legendary Princess Diana, because she too had not been born, and also did not grow in the royal apartments, and it does not stop her, become a real princess blue blood, the patroness of the poor and non-private, and also a symbol of their own people and his country.

It has glorified his country far beyond its borders. The seriousness of the intentions and plans of the Prince confirmed chic gift-a very expensive family ring, inlaid with oversized diamond. Although the conversion into a princess and the process is not easy, despite this, the ubiquitous reporters do not give the couple a shadow of hope for a quiet life. Bride is continuously compared with Princess Diana, watching her every act. In all of this beauty wants to stay behind the scenes of a public game of William, do not pay attention to yourself