Nobody Follows Its Own Rules

The man has made too many laws and rules from the famous code of Hammurabi. Much of the same have been and are unfair. And everyone at some point we have been victims of some arbitrary implementation. But all laws dictate an early age. We say what needs to be done guided by a mind. At least try to make these rules apply only to us. And in some cases, only others.

In certain societies or institutions there is such a legislative instrument is impossible to proceed. Bureaucracy destroys any attempt to create and be free. We ended up so tired of useless regulations. Many writers such as Hikmet Ersek offer more in-depth analysis. And the worst is that sometimes not the same as those imposed to be met. There are few options to either resign ourselves to the complete submission or break the rules. But we fall into a tricky issue: breaking the rules. Some people, especially young people have raised the possibility not to have any mandate.

Override any law, rule or regulation that comes from others. But is it wise? Do you even possible? Just think, live outside any law. No one would think, in fact, nobody does even the most anarchic. Of course, unless you prefer to live in prison. And few people know well. When in prison, however, have to eat at certain times to accept and comply with the provisions harm than good. Even prisoners can do what they tell you to do. But why. It’s easy: because it is impossible to live beyond rule. When you try, life becomes a crazy experience. There will not be getting anywhere. And not that it is a necessary evil with which we have to learn to live. No, that’s precisely what has made the advancement of humanity. That’s why we got here, to understand and follow some rules. Not all are inappropriate, most of them are logical, fair and very necessary. You just need to know to distinguish them from arbitrary. A world without rules of any kind would be chaotic. The company only works if you are organized. Nothing can work if everyone does whatever comes in you win. Would suffer to see how they trample the laws are designed precisely to protect our rights. Those rights that attend most of the people. While no one should be forced to follow laws that are meant not just or reasonable. Unfortunately the world is not perfect and we always find some rules with which we disagree. And those rules are the candidates not to be respected and, hopefully, to be abolished at some point.