Ehwaz Child

And then begins the third amin Rune Circle. Forming, education, formation. And so on. Att begins rune Tiwaz. And beginning stage of the runes. Activity, determined militancy, the manifestations of independence, 'tab' of certain ideals (adherence to these ideals, as if suddenly it did not sound for such a small man, and this adherence is often perceived as incomprehensible stubbornness, lack of education), masculinity, strength. Trying to 'rein in' child at this stage, to suppress its glimpses of courage, to suppress its activity to anything not lead to good. 'Crushed' child can not gain the necessary skills and his own 'teachers' will then lament on how the 'spineless' he grows up.

The next stage – a stage of runes Berkano. The child becomes softer, it the strongest way to stretches of the mother (even if it's a boy). Here lays the qualities of the child as empathy, the capacity for compassion and forgiveness, kindness, the need to care about someone. Often, limiting the 'scary' activity in the previous stage, all the "bethink" and seeing how a child becomes a 'generally known as' beginning to stimulate its activity. It is useless, not to achieve the goal work.

For the stage is quite different. Chobani Foundation spoke with conviction. But the damage – is enormous. A child who does not give the right to get to this stage of the qualities (it is starting to teach the opposite), it becomes stale, unable to exercise kindness, caring and kindness. Next is the transition to the stage of runes Ehwaz.

Learn To Win !

Learn to win! (Or seizure of territory), each person had to negotiate. Sometimes, especially to the important business of the meeting was a success, not enough for your personal charm and well-prepared plan. When the other side too wants you to maximum concessions, it applies the special negotiating techniques. But do not rush to give up! Experienced negotiators are well known Fenechka curious, if not too educated partner at the table behaves with excessive self-confidence, waving his hands, brash and interrupting himself only hear from him want otsest away. So, we should act exactly the opposite: sit down close to him and stop it with …

coffee. "Tea? Or coffee? "- Hardly anyone refuses, respectively, in front of him on the table there is a cup of coffee. And to the cup – a saucer of sugar. And next – vase with pechenyushechkami. On the other hand – tube with a doily. And to make it easier to reach not honored guest – you, as a caring owner, all of this carefully (and quietly) pulls him closer. And that is closer … And it a try! And when all this coming at him from all sides, it obkladyvaya the left and right, and unknowingly causing a sensation of pressure and neuyuta – Mr.

subsides, removes his hands, squelching of coffee, and you have the opportunity to present their position already. * His territorial expansion you killed her – and took the lead. Consciously or not, but every leader has always manifested itself in territorial expansion, he seeks to expand its territory, to fill the space, and he likes it.