Employers have a responsibility to complete specific tasks related to the wages paid to employees. Most of these tasks have a deadline attached. Different types of companies may need more forms. It is always best to confirm your requirements with the IRS. In January, the first month of the year, employers will be ending the previous year of aspects related to the information. Employers are to be presented, with the IRS, the previous year’s 4th quarter form 941 / 943 or.

Determine if the withholding tax (Federal, Social Security and/or Medicare) rates have changed since the previous year. If the rates have changed, you must have the necessary changes. For employers who use automated payroll software these tax rates shall be adjusted for you. The deadline for the issuance of the W2 forms to employees, also come to the end of the month. Employers have the obligation to issue copies W2 B, C, and exemplary n 2 of the State to its employees. With the second month of the year come a little more tasks. This is the deadline to submit a copy of forms W2 and W3 with the Social Security Administration. Take the time to make the form 941 B and / or 943 match totals and the W3 form information.

In February, employers in food service with more than 10 employees, must submit a Form 8027 for employees who receive tips. Employees will not be presenting a new W4 form, but will be claiming exemptions, will need to retain a rate without exemptions. Throughout the year the Social Security Administration can request W2 forms of identity data corrections. The second quarter of the fiscal year begins in April. You will need to archive the 1st trimester 941 form the last day of the month of April. In the second trimester, the form 941 is due the last day of the month of July, which includes payroll from April 1 to June 30. In October, the third trimester, the form 941 is due, including periods of July through September payroll. If It will generate the forms W2 and W3, October is a good time of year to make supply orders. In November it has to request publication 393, MMREF Social Security Administration (SSA) or internal tax services (IRS), if you have not received it. If employers have the plan to submit electronically the W2 information, must update their password with Social security or services of internal taxes (IRS) on-line. Before end of the year, employees should update their W-5 and W-4 forms for next year. Petitioners must prove its process for next year although submitted it electronically or in the form of impression. This can include testing payroll software in its way of printing or electronic submission of the Accuwage test files. To avoid a fine, you have to remember that everything in end of term of service of internal taxes (IRS) is fulfilled. For extensive instructions on the forms, publications and deadlines, you may contact the IRS by phone or on-line. The beginning of the new year’s taxes, can be an excellent time to invest in Payroll Mate software. A full program of payroll can save you money and time to users and, at the same time can avoid costly errors in the forms of payroll calculation. For a free trial of the software Payroll Mate follow this link: payroll software download original author and source of the article