Andrew Corentt

A people without vision perish, the Bible says. Find a reason to live, set a goal and go to him, filled to persons of power and energy to get what they want. With this habit of success is the mental creation for what you want. Everything is created first in the mind, why persons who obtained success, share one characteristic in common: targets are set for your life. The future vision, mission, objectives, goals, purpose or as you want to call that which inspires us to act is a powerful element which must always be in our lives.

All observations and studies on the goals are a huge difference between the results of those who have them and those who do not have them. Benjamin Singer also confirmed the case of school children who had an image of roles focusing on the future and its influence to its development. Andrew Campbell and Laura L. Nash studied the influence of the sense of Mission in the case of organizations and teams. Finally, Fred Polak in the case of the civilizations, studied the influence of the collective vision for the future. Some illustrative examples about what it is the habit of personal leadership, they are as follows: decide and act illuminating with his own vision for the future. Direct your life by anticipating its future course.

Contrast their decisions and actions with his personal mission and make adjustments that apply. Accept that your life has a meaning… but also to recognize that it is you who has to discover it. Identify the values and principles that guide her own life. Determine the meaning of his life and commit to it. Lead your life by plotting the course It will tour today and tomorrow. In the life of the individual having a vision of what you want, becomes have clearly defined goals. Clear goals oriented to the individual in his walk toward success, wealth, happiness and everything desirable. Set goals in a way such that facilitate the lives of the people and become an impulse is a matter of science. There are specific and defined methods to establish goals. One well-established goal, not only orients, also automatically materializes in the life of the individual who builds it. Since build a goal is determinant in its materialization, before undertaking this task it is necessary to have information, guide and correct techniques. In the book, Andrew Corentt offers all this: unique information, step-by-step guide (almost a personal coaching) and techniques infallible. It is clear that you should do a job, and that job is to follow the steps pair set his goal. Else occurs if same. original author and source of the article.