Business Intelligence

Synerplus promotes to improve the business management through Business Solutions intelligence from some years ago comes speaking systems of Business Intelligence as the true revolution of the information and is true, however, even today many businessmen, especially in SMEs, do not have clear concepts, but ideas often confusing and impractical thereon. They don’t know what exactly, they don’t know what will serve them, believe that their companies are not at the height of these solutions or simply that these things outweigh them. These are real answers we receive constantly in Synerplus and positions, allows us to evaluate multiple scenarios and special cases. The truth is many entrepreneurs are surprised when really understand the usefulness of a Business Intelligence system and they don’t need a big company nor be very technological. It is as simple as knowing that how much or little they do, should be measured, and they can have this method of working through these ICT solutions. SMEs do not differ too much from large companies in terms of their measurements and needs. Consider the normal day to day, it is not true that we weigh? It is that in the car we look at temperature, diesel oil or speed not true? or the kilometers of the road? There are companies that are focused on transactional systems where there is a high control by having integrated data through ERP, CRM, signings, CAD/CAM, production systems, etc.; but its extraction of information is limited through reports, often static and when the address requires new data days and great efforts may take to do so. Selenne Business Intelligence is a real and practical alternative that solves the entire problem of information, revolutionizing the business management, generating proactive attitudes and especially making key decisions that make your business profitable. Source: Press release sent by Synerplus.