The Castle Of Loarre

Loarre Castle is a Romanesque fortress in the 11th century and is unique within its characteristics across Europe. Hotel is located in a mountain at 1071 meters in height and from him you can see the landscape of the Hoya de Huesca. The highlight of the Castle are a small chapel which is found in the input and has incredible acoustics and the Church, unique by its dome, is unusual in the Romanesque.In many films, the most famous Kingdom of Heaven (2005), all a Hollywood blockbuster directed by Ridley Scott and starring Orlando Bloom have been filmed. The fortress is built on a promontory of limestone, which is used as a foundation. This gives a great advantage against external attacks, since it prevents the walls may be undermined. This technique was very common in the siege to fortresses, and consisted of digging tunnels under the walls then sink them and create gaps where able to enter. The Loarre Castle was built by order of King Sancho III to serve as advance to organize attacks against Bolea, main Muslim seat of the zone and which controlled the rich agricultural land of the plain.The initial construction was subsequently extended to what we know it today during the reign of Sancho Ramirez, under whose reign was the foundation of a monastery in the Castle.

During the 12th century the area ceases to be border and the Castle loses its initial function of forlorn against Muslim lands. In the 15th century, the population who lived at the foot of the Castle moves to the current village of Loarre, reusing materials from the fortress.1071 Meters in height where the castle is located allow to enjoy stunning views over the Valley. For more information see this site: Macy’s Inc.. For this reason, the area is ideal for practicing paragliding, flying over these wonderful places. Castle of Loarre original author and source of the article