The Executive Euros

The aid approved by the Government in the Cabinet to drive the purchase of electrical vehicles they will have to be asked for before the month of December, according to already appears reflected in the Government reporter of the State. Through a decree the concession of subsidy for the acquisition of electrical vehicles was approved in the Council during 2011, something that is fitted within the Integral Plan of Impulse to the Electrical Vehicle in Spain 2010-2014. The Executive will subsidize to account con72 million Euros to impel this sustainable project. By each vehicle it will be possible to be destined until a maximum of 6,000 Euros including the batteries, for the particular users and private fleets. Also 25% of the gross price of acquisition of other electrical vehicles like buses, buses or vans will be subsidized, with a maximum of 15,000 or 30,000 Euros, following type of vehicle and autonomy The aid will be granted to the acquisitions of new electrical vehicles, operations of financing by renting of vehicles, that take place as of Wednesday 11 of May and whose requests are registered in the telematics system of management of the subsidy before the 1 of December of 2011, or until the exhaustion of the bottoms, if this circumstance took place previously.