The Miracles

The miracles are more common than the people they create. Every day great amounts of them take place. All the people have been present at or lived some throughout their lives. Why the people do not remember them? For the same reason for which the people do not remember their dreams: they are too different from the reality that knows. The people too much are accustomed to the things that know and reject everything what he is different. She is why there are so many wars because of the religious beliefs.

All the founders of the religions spoke of the love between the people but everyone are hated. Each thinks that his he is the correct thing. That its belief is correct and the one of the others mistaken. The people reject what they do not know. They fear the stranger. This fear to the stranger, to which it separates from his beliefs with respect to which the reality is , the truth, is what account takes to the people not to occur of which they themselves have been present at great amount of miracles. Not only they have been present at and lived great amount of miracles, also has produced many miracles. In his book I Am Happy, I Am Rico, Andrew Corentt, speaks of the reality of the universe and its creation, of a form deep and simple, able to be understood by anyone.

In this Corentt book speech of rules that govern this game and explains as the people create everything in their life, including the miracles and also she speaks of because, as a rule, certain rules they do of this plane which is. A rich and wonderful world, where it knows that to be expected. I Am Happy, I Am Rico, also she speaks of how creating miracles in his life and as certain rules can skip if they are handled within a rank of people who share that reality. They can be financial miracles as to become rich of fast, easy and honest form or spiritual, mental miracles, of sanacin or another nature. It does not matter what you wish, does not matter if it seems impossible to obtain. If it does the suitable thing, it will be able to obtain then it to traverse of a miracle that you will cause. It only must think about which truly it wishes and knowledge that reading I I am Happy, I Am Rico, is on way to obtain it.