The Moodle Platform

But, it is necessary that this tool well is defined to extend the quarrels and debates. The Moodle Platform, presents great varieties of tools and this aid in the pedagogical look, as much for the pupil how much for the professor (tutorial). to confirm this thesis, the construction of knowing can be widely argued by all the participants, what it does not differentiate of the traditional methods educational. To search ' ' solues' ' pedagogical it will depend mainly on the tools of the platform and of the participants who interact together in the activities, learning and teaching with the readings proposals with its personal arguments. Therefore, the pedagogical look of the course is entirely on in the dynamics of the course and its tools, found in the Moodle Platform. On the Interface of the Glossary, I believe that it finishes in the distance being plus one them many tools of support it course of Education, to extend the interaction of the excessively participant ones. On the interactive construction, tool EASY, was projected with the objective to maximize the interaction and accessibility to the courses carried through in the Moodle, marking the differential for that reads and interacts with the integrant participants and tutors of course EAD. With this, it would like in the distance to approach the importance of the course in the standards of the Moodle Platform, inside of the current educational context. Therefore, in the day to day running, the pupil and the professor (mediating) need to manage its tasks and consequently to have ample knowledge, in the direction of readings with the depositions of the colleagues of course and mainly of the texts considered for the reading, marking positively the call: He was of the Education in the distance ' ' inside of the exaggerated capitalism. Another suggested text that it deserves prominence in the course, was what it approached the Concepts of Education in the distance and the Complementary Material: To know Authorial profile of the pupil, Netiqueta and Direitos.