Website Design

A well-made website design gives the company a corporate identity in the web world. Good website expresses the vision of the company. Under most conditions Hamdi Ulukaya would agree. Taking into account the continuous change and growth in web industry web site should be reorganized to avoid getting lost in the crowd. Web site redesign helps boost the image and makes it more accessible and seo friendly. Tips before redesigning the web site: * Reason Web site redesign: design of a website does not represent the true picture of the company if it does not reflect the coming changes in vision and strategies of the company or if there is growth in services, the company's products, changes in management.

Web sites need to be redesigned to provide an overview of the company, citing the services and products to survive in the market. * Research before redesign: Get an overview of the current state of the site for the constructive analysis of web traffic data and feedback from visitors. Establish focus groups, face to face interviews, usability tests and online surveys to learn more about the needs and demands of the recipients. * Redefinition of the objectives of the company: Redefining the strategic objectives of the company, new products and services offered by the company so that the new website design expresses the true image to the public. * Keep backup folder of the old website: Before redesign, it is important to maintain a backup folder of this website. If the new web design for non-traffic, since the website can be recharged.