Weddings At Seville

A wedding is a religious or civil ceremony which celebrates the beginning of the marriage. A wedding is usually a rite that formalizes the union between two people with an external authority that governs and regulates the procedure, which generates contractual commitments between the parties. The ceremony consists of several parts, which may vary depending on the rite, although the most common are: the presentation to the Authority (priest or judge), express manifestation of the bride and groom by constitute the contractual relationship, the exchange of the rings and wedding vows. A wedding is always a special occasion, because not every day we get married, then have to use and enjoy, and no doubt all want to have the best service. and do you not a wedding in Seville? Seville is a gorgeous, very beautiful, which attracts many tourists and city that well can enjoy the best of Seville for his wedding, because the city has companies that offer excellent conditions, the weaknesses of spaces as good service to the customer there are many traditions that They suggest what to do at each stage of a wedding, from its organization, clothing and the celebration to honeymoon. Superstitions surrounding the celebration of a marriage have the most diverse origins and foundations. Something old, something new, something borrowed or used and something blue. The superstitious middle ages was said to be in the wedding good luck using: something old that symbolized the bride with his past connection and represented the continuity of his marriage (used to be a jewel in the family); something borrowed, referring to the belief that happiness could attract using something from a friend who was happy. The borrowed symbolized the friendship, the gain happiness by loan (used to be a gem or simply a tissue); something new, because it produced hope for an optimal future; something blue, since that color represented the fidelity of the spouses (it used to be the League on the leg of the bride; in the United States with lace blue League was considered a symbol of virginity).