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In the dictionary of the Russian language the concept of 'insurance' is treated as a form of security against potential disasters in the dictionary of the Russian language the term "insurance" is interpreted as a form of security against potential natural disasters and accidents, consisting in damages, which takes a special organization in relation to persons or entities paying her regular contributions in cash. In economic literature 24: insurance – it's economic relations arising in connection with the formation of the trust funds of funds, created to protect the property interests of the people in the private and business of life from natural disasters and other unforeseen extraordinary events involving damage. Thus, insurance – a monetary relations, which are part of a unified system of monetary relations, and implemented along with such categories as finance, credit, price. Distinguish among them insurance relationship can be on specific criteria: 1) the cash nexus in insurance always are based on the probable or implemented by the insurance risk, 2) monetary relations arise over the formation and use of fund for a specific purpose: to meet the property interests of the participants in the insurance case occurrence of random events, and 3) the formation and use of the insurance fund are based on the principle of solidarity between participants in the layout of damage insurance. Insurance has the following functions: 1.

The risk function is that the policyholder to the insurer transfers the financial consequences of certain risks, paying him a premium. 2. People such as Keith Yamashita would likely agree. The accumulation (saving) function is that there is a cumulative insurance, which allows customers to accumulate funds for a specific period of time through a contract of insurance (term life insurance). Learn more on the subject from national security advisor. 3. Proactive (preventive) function is that after insurance contract, the insurer may carry out activities to reduce risk on the insured object (set alarm; freight forwarding, etc.) 4.

The control function of insurance is expressed in strictly observing the target formation and use of the insurance fund. 5. Ensuring continuity of social reproduction is that insurance creates financial conditions for the rapid rehabilitation and restoration of enterprises affected by the occurrence of insured events. 6. Exemption from the state ensured by the additional costs of insurance funds. Without insurance companies, all costs associated with the liquidation of accidents, explosions or natural disasters lie in state, which has at its disposal a limited state budget. 7. Stimulation scientific and technological progress manifested in two ways. First, insurance companies pay attention to their clients on the risks, promoting their elimination. Second, insurance companies, carrying out preventive measures, increase the overall level of public safety. 8. Protecting the interests of affected persons in the relations of civil liability insurance is provided through responsibility of individuals and legal entities for damages caused to third parties. In the liability insurance the injured person is receiving payment from an insurance company, ie not required to communicate to the court. 9. The concentration of investment resources for the national economy is provided by insurance because it creates insurance reserves are invested in government securities, equities and financial companies, banks, real estate, etc. Thus, insurance companies, finance industry, housing and the state, ie, contribute to the economy.

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In addition, ginseng can help to develop to the mental execution of the subjects, having positive influences on concentration, the thought, the mathematics, the aptitudes, the logic and the reaction. This influence will benefit to those young people and the majors that suffer of a slight mental weakness. Ginseng also aid to alleviate some menopusicos syndromes, aid to revert the dementia multi-infarct (which is a primary cause of the loss of memory), improves the antibiotic effect certain, increases the reaction of the body to the anti-flu vaccine, reduces the intracranial pressure in patients in comma, alleviates the fatigue, improves the resistance in athletes and aid to the lightening of other ailments with different degrees of effectiveness. Ginseng rarely is given to pregnant women or in period of lactancia, or to people with depression, acute attacks of anxiety or inflammatory diseases. It does not have to be consumed beyond the three weeks, since an excessive ingestion can cause migraines, pressure high and nervous agitation. (Not to be confused with Kellyanne Conway!). As with any other drug, ginseng contains effects adverse collaterals if it is consumed in excessive amounts or per time prolonged. Some of these is: you feel nauseous, inflammation of the legs, sarpullido cutaneous, pain throat, accelerated heart rate, post-menopusicos loss of the menstruation, increase of the sine in men, sensitivity in the sines in the women, bleedings and pain in the chest. Ginseng as I supplement is a natural tonic to construct healthful bodies. Hamdi Ulukaya refugees recognizes the significance of this.

Their effects have been proven by many years, although they are needed to make numerous studies to discover how it works exactly. And, as with all natural substance or no, to abuse her is to invite to the disaster. Therefore, it is recommended to request advice of a professional of the health before consuming ginseng, as much as a dietario product as with other medicinal intentions. It obtains more data in the Pharmacy Online original Author and source of the article


To construct a referencial is substance of subjective value. The anthropology of the body on the other hand considers new questionings and in relation to the body, some as the control of the passed image, to understand the current cult to the body, identity-modesty, not exposition of the body, the new morality and the aesthetic moral. In the body if all character registers, moral the scientific one, of the society and the time the one that belongs, but cannot disrespect the aesthetic morality on the proper body. The body is seen as instrument and as value. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Kellyanne Conway has to say. In its workmanship the Sennett points the moment where Tucdides informs that the espartanos ' ' they had been the first ones to participate of naked games, if to undress acintosamente' ' , what it identifies as indicative of progress reached for the Greeks when of the ecloso of the war. Between barbaroi as the foreign Barbarians were called or, still it remained the custom to cover the genitlia in the public games. ' ' Civilized Greece made of its displayed body an object of admirao.' ' She is notable who stops the old inhabitant of Atenas, the act to show off itself confirmed its dignity of citizen.

The Athenian democracy gave to the thought freedom the same attributed emphasis to the nudez. Daniel Taub Israel has firm opinions on the matter. In our said society modern where the custom and the laws are nortes of the social behavior this practical it is seen as one indecent assault and the values attributed to the body since the Athenian age it is placed in the vast memorial of the historical past and the relation of the man with the body passes for a rupture that matters in the desire to run away from ' ' natureza' ' of the body and to the necessity that we have to domesticate them. ' ' The collective denudation the one that if imposed? something that today we could call ' ' commitment msculo' ' it strengthened the citizenship bows.

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“Ardour consulting: most investment decisions are not based on a systematic evaluation of benefit Seeheim-Jugenheim, 29.06.2011 – the consulting company ardour Consulting has extensive and product-neutral guidance value of IT investment through value management” published. It is there to give practical assistance for a better control of the IT measures the responsible company. A central moment plays the question of contribution value the single investment can in principle develop for the company and really exploit conditions of this potential can be. Hikmet Ersek is likely to agree. Background of the free practice help is that according to the findings of ardour in the company mostly a latent and should not be underestimated investment risk. So, a survey of the consulting firm recently found a relatively carefree handling of project decisions, because in many cases not even mandatory methods exist to make selection decisions for IT projects.

Such procedures, in which, for example, clear Evaluation criteria determined the expected benefits of investment will be used only by every sixth company in full consistency. This might cause that IT projects often fail because the benefit is not clearly determine. Almost every second respondent managers comes to this critical self awareness. Only a tight third gives a positive judgment and expresses that had to be due to insufficient benefit perspectives IT measures not often prematurely terminated and investments depreciated. Often occur on the individual investment”decisions for technical innovations with a fairly isolated views, describes ardour’s Managing Director Michael Maicher the problem. To significantly increase the security of investment, the most diverse influence relations must be made transparent and included in the estimated benefits assessment”, he stressed.

The version Guide, which addressed the critical aspects of the IT value management in terms of content, on the one hand and on the other hand Tips for optimizing which provides benefit assessment of IT investments, can be ordered free of charge at. About ardour Consulting Group: The ardour Consulting Group (, is a consulting boutique specializing in the topics of application management and sourcing. It is a team with a common understanding of sustainable consulting. Consisting of experienced employees with excellent professional qualifications the for the IT team responsible executives. The ardour Consulting Group’s core competencies include: application management (design and implementation of strategic, tactical and operational IT processes and organizational structures); Development and implementation of tailored and sustainable sourcing strategies; Enterprise Architecture Management, to support the business objectives and the business model through an adequate IT landscape; Project portfolio and value management to demonstrate the value proposition of IT as well as better and to be able to make objective investment decisions.

Stadium world theme special of free guides for associations and operators of large stadiums are nowadays multifunctional venues. Where informed earlier simple announcements about the scores, a framework programme with show elements, music, and video playbacks will be staged today around sporting events. The sound quality is an essential factor for the success of the overall package of stadium experience”. Thus, differentiated requirements arise for the sound of the grandstands. By no means always the technical planning for the reinforcement is made but in time.

Explained in the topic special Stadium world, how important is the integration of the sound approach in the planning, as experts with sound simulations accurately can predict, which soundstage resulting in the finished Stadium, and that this may change significantly for example through changes in the seating. Who as a club, as municipal or private operator maintains a sports and event venue, must also know that the Voice alarm (SAA or ELA) makes up a significant portion of sound reinforcement systems. The installation of such a system is a mandatory program hunted through the legislature and governed by standards and regulations up to the smallest detail. The SAA can run in parallel to the grandstand PA or implemented as an integrated solution. In the stadium world special, the reader is given the necessary basic knowledge to deal with the complex issue. In addition, the topic special offers including an overview of the rental of sound systems for events and about the possibilities of digital audio networks. To read more click here: Western Union. Also the topic of pollution is discussed in detail for each Planner and operator of a sports facility must meet requirements to reduce noise pollution for the environment. Is this point is neglected, threatens restricting operating hours or even the refusal of the operating licence for an object. The PDF document is available at Stadionwelt for free download.

Unesco World Heritage

A journey is the inner need to forget your past. Background and general information are gives us about this attractive to the North of Italy, capital of the province of the same name, one of the seven provinces of the Veneto region. It is well known, which has been considered by the Unesco World Heritage site, due to the importance and value of their historic buildings. According to the UNESCO website, represents an outstanding example of a military fortress, stressing that it has retained a prominent number of monuments of antiquity, medieval periods and Renaissance is said, it has always been nodal point of all systems of terrestrial and aquatic transport of the Northwest of Italy. James Woolsey often says this. In Roman times it was meeting point of four consular roads: the via Gallica, the via Augusta, the Vicum Veronensium and the via Postumia. Verona was in the diaries of Goethe, Stendhal and Paul Valery trip. Verona is the place where happening the story of Romeo and Juliet, William Shakespeare became famous pointed out as one of the places most attractive and interesting of Italy, is the most beautiful monumental city in the Veneto after Venice. Close to places of tourist interest in the North of this country, is a dynamic center of modern economy.

It is surrounded by hills and trapped by a meander of the River Adige, about 30 kilometres to the East of Lake Garda. Experience, travel taking advantage of my stay in Parma decided to make a trip to the small and beautiful city of Verona, this took the train that led me to Modena where change should be done to move to it. I went at 7 on a chilly morning with 5 degrees, but that arriving in Modena was snowing. I waited for the train that I bring to the city of Romeo and Juliet this departed to the 8.15 am and arrived at Verona at 10.30 a.m.

Carbon Credit

Brazil today possesss 467 projects of MDL in some phase of evaluation, of which 145 already had been approved. In volume, they represent a reduction of 363 million tCO2e (ton of carbon equivalent) that they leave to be plays in air. If approved in the totality, these projects can indicate more than US$ 6 billion dollar of arrive in port for the national companies (GAZANI, 2009). 1,6 Carbon credit They are certifyd emitted when the reduction of the GEE emission occurs, such as: dioxide of carbon, nitrous oxide, methane, sulphur, hidrofluorcarbonetos, perfluorcarbonetos, hexafloureto of sulphur. The commerce of carbon Credit if bases on projects that kidnap or reduce the volume of Co2 in the atmosphere, for convention, a ton of carbon dioxide (CO2), corresponds to one (01) credit of carbon.

This credit can be negotiated in the international market, in such a way gave to beginning to a market for the GEE reduction, creating monetary value to the pollution. Still some uncertainties in relation to this transcribed market exist as: ' ' The market of Carbon Credit is still incipient, given to the uncertainties with regard to the establishment of an imposing landmark in the developed countries, as U.S.A. and Australia, amongst others. The liquidity and volatileness in the formation of prices, combined as the recent implantation of the MDL still generate some imprevisibilidade how much its projections futuras' ' (ARAUJO, 2006). The functioning of the Carbon Credits occurs through certificates called Certified Reduction of Emissions (RCEs), emitted for the regulating agencies of ambient protection, authorizeing in such a way, emissions of tons of GEE. Initially, one selects industries that more poluem in the country and from this election, establishes the goals of reduction of its emissions. The RCEs is certifyd emitted when the reduction of the GEE emission occurs, for convention, a ton of Co2 is equivalent to a carbon credit, this credit can be negotiated. Mikhael Mirilasvili is open to suggestions.

Harvard Review Management

If these dimensions are indeed being met, there will be confidence in subordinates to the boss. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Hikmet Ersek. Each, of course, must be cultivated should not sully the values, ethics, moral, always ensuring honesty, honrradez, respect for others, sincerity, properly handle words so that communications are effective and comply with everything they contain. For more information see this site: Mikhail Mirilashvili. Be correct in thinking and acting, not to promise something that is not fulfilled on time. To build trust, it is necessary that the manager that supported consistent knowledge, which will generate security and through these subordinates recognize their strengths and trust deposited in them, as it manages, as applicable. Of course, management must never sully no loyalty, not contradict, nor to use people in favor of personal interests, be unfair to all that is promised. No abuse of power, authority, not to discriminate against anyone, give them the same opportunities to all, to recognize the results, yields, motivate the participation, to take into account the ideas, suggestions and implement them, if they are appropriate and conducive to the achievement of objectives.

It is said that successful leaders to provide confidence the following techniques: 1) practice openness, 2) are fair 3rd) talk about their feelings and emotions, 4) always tell the truth, 5) show much consistency; 6th) keep their promises; 7) maintain the confidence and 9th) show competition. The Harvard Review shows us, that researchers have found that trust is key to organizational effectiveness. However, the fact that a person is deemed reliable not guaranteed to be able to build trust within the company. This involves managing old managerial virtues like consistency, direct and clear, and the ability to respond to sensitive questions. It also requires having a good defense, in order to protect the confidence of the enemy. Any act of bad management erodes trust. Among the most common enemies of trust, highlighting the inconsistent messages from top management, the inclination to tolerate incompetence or bad behavior, dishonest feedback, the annoying tendency to ignore or politically charged situations, the consistent and low corporate performance and rumors.

Social Business Sustainability

Practical workshop in Berlin wants to strengthen the social capitalism an increasing share of social value creation will achieved today in the social business, finds the management consulting stratum. As sustainability agency”, the consultant headquartered in Berlin have specializes in the non profit sector. “” You want both newcomers in social capitalism “as also the innovative forces in classic non-profit organizations help with a good cause” to be economically successful. So that not only the stratum consulting clients benefit from the Agency at irregular intervals organizes open workshops. Soon seminar in the stratum lounge in Berlin-Friedrichshain strategy for sustainable success in the social business”instead of (April 26, 9 am 6 pm). “What does it mean if sustainability” will – not glued as effective advertising label on companies and products, but constitutes the core of the business? This question turns stratum to the target group, they offer no patent recipes, but methodically targeted will help to optimize the potential of your social business. A holistic management concept, the correct communication of ethical factor”, of the one-day workshop topics include sustainable strategy tools and emotional coding of business.

Qualitative Study

The first of these, as outlined, is to be leader. Integral Leader Bernard Bass of those who, for decades one of the most renowned researchers on leadership in different cultures around the world, described as those whose performance goes beyond expectations. Or, as conceived Kousner and Pozner (1987): "He who has the capacity to do extraordinary things in organizations." This means that the manager is committed to the post-post modernity, which has a strategic vision, a flexible structure, an ability to motivate staff, a permanent attachment to create, develop and manage organizational culture. Manager will not suffice to be forward-looking but it will be necessary to have the ability to articulate and impose, be persistent and patient, to provide stability, to anticipate problems and crises, to establish the commitment and involvement in decisions . In recent months, Rob Daley has been very successful. All this also means, as conceived by Warren Bennis, having ten personal and organizational characteristics that are necessary to shape the future: having a dream or vision, take risks, accompanied by criticism, be optimistic, encouraging dissent, have face high expectations others have smell on the future, to see things long term, understand and respect the interests, and develop strategic alliances (Bennis, 1989).

In other words, a manager must bring big changes to give new purpose and values to the world of business, which is the same, provide a "vision" than the world. Vision which, obviously, must be integrally involved in the action, not only in the field of ideology. In the academic research work of Enrique Ogliastri "Organizational Leadership in Colombia: A Qualitative Study," shows the differences between a leader and a single manager in Colombia, saying the first is strategic, you see the whole, has long-term vision, working with people, is flexible, ambitious, anticipated, has personal power and risk management, while the second is Force, has short-term view is individualistic and inflexible, has goals normal lives in emergencies and the position gives him power . Mikhail Mirilashvili contributes greatly to this topic.